ETS Markets acted as advisor to Northumbrian Water Limited, helping them to develop and finance their first large scale rooftop solar project at the Bran Sands waste water treatment plant in Middlesbrough.

The 943 solar panel array, believed to be one of the biggest commercial rooftop mounted installations in the North East, was installed under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Initial data has shown that the scheme is on course to meet the projected savings of £6,353 in the first year of installation, with total cost reductions of more than £386,000 projected over 20 years.

Images courtesy of Northumbrian Water

OUR renewable SERVICEs

​Despite recent falls in the UK wholesale markets, energy prices are expected to rise over the next decade to meet our future energy needs. Added to that it is anticipated that rising distribution and other non-commodity charges could soon become the largest proportion of your electricity bill.

With the entry into force of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement, Governments committed to reduce GHG emissions from 2020. With more Government action to tackle carbon emissions on the way there is a lot to be gained from early action. Initiatives such as the RE100 and Science Based Targets are also engaging companies in making commitments to a clean energy and low carbon future.

A renewable energy solution presents an opportunity for companies to reduce energy bills and manage exposure to future costs, whilst at the same time making an investment that enhances your green credentials.

  • Advisory Services

We help companies to understand the renewable energy market and develop an appropriate strategy that meets the financial, operational and sustainability needs of your business.

  • Corporate PPAs

Corporate PPAs can bring industrial consumers and renewable generators together irrespective of location, operational restrictions and demand requirements. The project’s generating capacity is not limited by onsite constraints (e.g. available land or rooftops), meaning Corporate PPAs can be done at a scale to meet the demands of a large multi site energy intensive user.

  • Projects & Funding

"Behind the meter" projects located onsite or through a private wire have the added potential to reduce some some non-commodity charges and also create new capacity. If internal project finance is not available then consider a fully funded, installed and operated PPA solution (See Case Study below).

There are several approaches to achieving a renewable energy supply from purchasing a simple renewable tariff, entering into a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and fully “additional” projects developed and installed specifically to meet your requirements. Projects can be located either on site "behind the meter" (utilising spare rooftops or land) or offsite with electricity delivered via the grid.

Please contact us for more details about PPAs and funding for onsite projects.

Steve Coverdale, Bran Sands Plant Manager, said: “At Northumbrian Water, we are constantly looking at ways to make our operations more energy efficient and sustainable, reducing costs at the same time as protecting the environment. The results so far have been positive at Bran Sands and we will continue monitoring what can be achieved to determine the position of solar energy in the company’s ongoing energy mix.”

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