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UK Government schemes such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) as well as rising energy costs and corporate sustainability goals are driving a greater uptake of energy efficiency projects within industry.

Energy managers need to overcome many barriers to get approval for energy saving projects but a major hurdle is often lack of available funding.

Where funding is available then companies will naturally look to finance projects in house. However, if funding is not available or project returns do not meet corporate payback thresholds then it makes sense to explore 3rd party funding solutions. This enables you to take advantage of the financial, operational and sustainable benefits of an energy efficiency project at zero upfront cost.  

Specialist Energy Savings Companies or ESCOs have entered the energy market to fund, install and maintain Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) through energy savings performance contracts.

Energy costs are expected to rise over the next decade to meet our future energy needs. Added to that it is anticipated that rising distribution and other non-commodity charges could soon become the largest proportion of your electricity bill.

We help firms understand their energy profile and evaluate smart solutions that can manage on site energy demand and load shifting opportunities. This includes looking at “behind the meter” energy management software and the rapidly emerging battery storage solutions which have the potential to reduce "embedded benefit" charges such as peak distribution (Red DUoS) and transmission costs (TNUoS).

  • ​We will help you identify and evaluate energy efficiency and management solutions (including battery storage) as a way of reducing electricity bill costs and promoting clean investment.
  • Perform a quick desktop assessment and if an opportunity emerges, carry out a dedicated site assessment to evaluate the full project potential.
  • Through partnerships with specialist service providers, we can fund, install and maintain projects through an innovative energy savings performance contract.

Energy Efficency projects

  1. Fully financed with no up-front costs
  2. Access the very best technology
  3. Reduce energy use and meet sustainability goals
  4. Full operation and maintenance provided at no additional cost
  5. ESCO guarantees the performance of the project​

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